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Image Consulting is a proactive process of evaluating and enhancing our image. It helps you control the impact of your appearance on you, on others, and the accomplishment of your goals. It is also about creating pleasant first impressions and leaving a great impact on others by your presence. It is amazing how managing one's personality gives the power to control, modify or improve the image that we want to project to others.

Image Enhancement is basically understanding ourselves, our preferences, and style and aligning it with our personal and professional roles and goals. Image management broadly consists of five components, viz. Appearance, Behavior, Communication, Digital Presence, and Emotional balance. (We call it the ABCDE of Image.)

These five components are the 'Panchtatv' of our Image. 'Panchtatv'- Fire, Earth, Sky, Water, Wind are the five elements that are the warp and woof of the entire cosmos. Similarly, for our Image, the ABCDE works together towards creating an authentic image of ourselves.


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Etiquette is an unwritten code of behaviors, designed to ease social interactions in both our personal and business lives. Learning and mastering the rules of etiquette will help you build confidence, engage with others, and progress professionally. Etiquette is just as relevant today as it was centuries ago – in fact it's much more need today as we live in a world of technological globalization, our geographical boundaries have transcended, and we have moved beyond face-to-face communication. 

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For years, fashion stylists and makeup artists have relied on Personal Color Analysis as their special tool. Color analysis is a superpower to highlight your inherent beauty by finding the most flattering hues according to your skin tone, hair shade, and eye color. It guides you to have your own personal palette which acts as a ready reckoner while shopping for clothes, accessories, and makeup. 

It is the best way to discover what looks best on you making you more beautiful, younger and healthier skin.

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The way a man dresses, he communicates to the world who he is. Men's style solution aims at matching the personality with the style needs, shopping budget, and personal or professional goals. It can be styling a man for an interview or a date. 

Men's style solution is an art of creating an authentic style. It should be a good blend of comfort and elegance coinciding well with the lifestyle, future goals and styling needs.

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Women are often caught in the rut and they forget paying attention to themselves and their style. Some are not sure how to dress for your body shape, some may feel they have nothing to wear, others may simply feel low looking into the mirror, underconfident about themselves.

Women's style solution helps provide a solution to all of the above issues re-discovering a unique individual style and confidence.

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A person may be highly qualified and skilled

but if he does not possess good communication skills, all his ability becomes irrelevant as he is unable to express himself efficiently. Whether it is verbal (speech), non-verbal (body language) or written communication(emails, etc.) these skills are the need of the hour. 

Therefore, good communication skills are essential to allow others and yourself to understand information more accurately and quickly. The absence of which leads to misunderstandings and frustration.

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Wardrobe organization is an audit of the wardrobe. In other words, it's an assessment and arrangement of the clothes from core clothing pieces to accessories. The process involves reviewing garments, piece by piece and finding what is to be kept or discarded. It makes the wardrobe look decluttered, cleaner, with items more accessible. Wardrobe organization also makes mix and matching of outfits quite easier.


An Image consultant helps people with their appearance, behavior, effective communication, digital presence, and emotional balance. They may work with businesses and/or individual clients to make changes to their looks, communication skills, and behavior. They work as 'Doctors for your Personal brand'.

Image Consultants work on your personal colors, apparel, grooming, body language, etiquette,  and communication. The combined effect of the above is such that the client feels rejuvenated and more enthusiastic about achieving his/her personal/professional goals.

The process involves a good understanding of the client's personality, lifestyle, preferences, roles, and aim in life and thereby co-creating a harmonious genuine image.

An image professional may work with companies or individual clients in order to re-create their personal brand and act as a catalyst in their journey to success.

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AICI (Association of Image Consultants International) is the leading and largest professional association of personal and corporate image consultants worldwide. A non-profit organization, AICI is dedicated to advancing the level of professionalism and enhancing the recognition of image consultants. Members of AICI counsel both individual and corporate clients on appearance, behavior, communication skills, etiquette, and international protocol.


As experts in image consulting, the members guide clients to achieve their specific goals with authenticity, credibility, and confidence. Supporting the development of the Image Consulting Profession, AICI brings together individuals and companies who seek image consulting services with the appropriate expert.

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