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10 Reasons Why you must hire an Image Consultant for your Wedding

Marriages may or may not be made in heaven but the celebrations ought to look fairytale-like.

People splurge money on their weddings. However, only a few are sure of spending on the right things. You may hire a wedding planner who is typically in charge of the overall organisation of a wedding; from ‘Varmala’ to decorations and buffet. However, an Image Consultant focuses on the bride and groom, who are supposed to be the centre of attraction and therefore undeniably performing an important role.

Just as different colours make a painting vibrant and more beautiful, hiring different experts in the event gives you the best result and goes into making a wedding successful.

There’s nothing wrong when couples and their family members decide what the couple will wear at the wedding but Imagine, having someone who could make this part of the wedding planning smooth and exactly the way you dreamed? Not only do you save the days and hours spent on shopping, makeup, accessories, matching attires of the bride and groom, hairstyling, but also effort and money.

Want to know how? read the article till the end

1. Saving Your Precious Time.

You won’t be required to dangle between relatives’ suggestions and sales staff at the Designer Stores or Boutiques. An Image Consultant scans you well and your requirement and suggests what’s best for you. Unlike relatives, who might suggest you things out of their own experience and taste or the Sales staff, whose primary focus is to get you into buying more expensive stuff.

Having an Image Consultant accompany you on the shopping trips, makes it easier for you to purchase the best. They make such trips much more strategic and ensure you return back home happy having enough time to spend with family and other things.

2. Saving you money by selecting things as per your Body-type and Personal Style

Spending money in order to make a wedding grand is great but wasting money on buying something that doesn’t suit your style or body shape isn’t a good idea.

One of the biggest decisions is selecting your wedding outfits. No one else, other than an Image Consultant would do a better job for you when it comes to the keeping all the finer details of the cut, fit, lines, designs, patterns, and fabric in mind and then selects the attires.

The beauty of your outfit doesn't come with the fact that it's expensive or some celebrity wore a similar design. One, it comes with the perfect fit and two, when it matches your personal style. An Image Consultant does Body-shape analysis, to select (or get tailored) something that enhances your features and makes people notice you rather than just noticing the outfit.

3. Helping you know your ‘Wow Colours’ that make your skin glow

Besides picking out the right silhouettes, your Image Consultant finds our the best colour palette for you. You may have liking towards a specific hue but how light/dark/pure the colour should be is something that is found out by an Image Consultant with the help of a test known as Colour Analysis. Without suppressing your wish to wear your favourite colours, you can wear outfits and accessories in hues that compliment your Skintone.

A seasoned Image Consultant also offers suggestions as to how to make the most of your colour choices by strategically adding contrasting shades and unexpected touches.

4. Enhances your confidence

The task of an Image Consultant is not limited to selecting clothes but also to coaching you on how to understand your spouse and in-laws in case you are a shy soul. This involves a couple of sessions on Body-language and Communication so that you handle every situation smartly.

5. Getting you the best within your Budget

Wedding is one such event where things often go beyond the budget. It is quite likely that you may end up spending more than you thought. However, when you have your trusted friend, your Image Consultant with you, S/he will give you an estimate after understanding your Personal Style and get the best outfits and accessories well within the budget.

6. Complementing your look with your Partner’s

Only wearing similar colours doesn't bring that perfect harmony in the couple's look. An Image Consultant helps you match your style with your partner’s so that you two appear made-for-each-other. This also applies to pre-wedding shoots and outfits for ‘Mehdi’, ‘Haldi’, ‘Sangeet’, and Reception. Your Image Consultant will make you look stunning without ignoring to blend you and your partner’s look.

7. Making your fairy-tale true.

Whether you want a single theme or multiple, an Image Consultant will help you achieve a more harmonious result. S/he will help you achieve the best looks keeping in mind the themes that you want and ensuring that you’re not overdressed or underdressed for the event.

8. Keeping all your wedding looks snazzy and fashionable

An expert Image Consultant is well versed with what’s in vogue and how to make it more functional for you. S/he will help you achieve a delightful amalgamation of traditional and latest trends.

9. Shopping for your dreamy honeymoon

Honeymoon shopping is equally important as the pre-wedding and wedding ones. Your Image Consultant will assist you in selecting outfits that are more relaxed yet gives you the right fit and shape. People should not notice a drastic change in the wedding and honeymoon pictures! An Image Consultant facilitates you in understanding your shape, ‘wow’ colours, and your own unique style that lasts not only till wedding but for years to come.

10. Your Image Consultant is your trusted friend and advisor

Yes, Image Consultant is indeed your trusted friend and advisor because s/he remains true to what is right for you, keeping your budget in mind and working towards a better you. S/he also suggests the perfect hairstyle/ makeup for your after performing Face shape Analysis and Colour Analysis. Your Image Consultant boosts your confidence by bringing out your beauty in every possible way.

People who want to have everything perfect in their wedding do not do everything on their own. They get the experts; and when it comes to the looks of the Bride and Groom, it is intelligent to hand the reins over to a trusted professional — An experienced Image Consultant.

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