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7 Phrases that ruin your first impressions

Despite looking good, people sometimes ruin their first impressions by using one more of these 7 phrases. They don’t realize this while speaking but the other individual doesn’t feel good about you.

1. "Hi." Hi and then a full stop leaves an awkward silence in the room. You don’t want to be on either of such sides. If you see the other person hasn’t added a question like What’s going on in life? What do you think of this event? “Who do you know here?”

2. Sounding apologetic in your sentence……”Sorry for taking your time”

Saying sorry implies that you are going to waste their time and it instantly gives the impression that you are not confident about the conversation that you want to have. Your ‘sorry + taking your time’ make them enter into a defense mode. They are more likely to respond “I’m busy” with that kind of phrase.

Instead of saying “sorry for taking your time” say “I appreciate you took time for this” or If the person who you’re meeting is quite busy you can say “I’ll be real quick in talking about so so thing as I value your time “

3. “No. That’s not possible or I can’t do that.”

Don’t use this phrase. It’s you who thinks it’s not possible. Things are possible if we set our minds on it. It is in fact quite irritating for the other person to notice that you quit even before trying to do things. Such a negative phrase “ No. I can’t do it” instantly gives a feeling that you are not confident about your skills and capabilities. Everything is possible, you just got to give it a shot at least!

State your opinion, maybe an alternate way if you think there’s a better way to achieve that task.

4. "Nice to see you!" If you don’t want to ruin your first impression, don’t say ‘nice to see you’. See, when you meet someone for the first time you say, “nice to meet you”. If you say “nice to see you” it would mean that you know this person. So, if you don’t know the person and still say “nice to see you” it is very likely to seem insincere.

It can be a language mistake but you are deliberately doing this in an effort to show that you recognize a person in a social group even though you don’t, it’ll make you appear insincere and whatever you will be saying after that will add to that distrust.

5. "How much money do you make?"

It’s chronically rude to ask someone about their financial status. In fact, in some countries, it’s a legal offense to enquire about someone’s marital status in an office environment

Worse are questions like these “ when are you getting married/ why did you guys separate/ or are you pregnant “ especially if someone has gone overweight. Don’t land yourself up in embarrassing situations and avoid such personal questions.

6. Pronouncing the person’s name incorrectly-

Dale Carnegie said “A person’s name is to him or her the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” but sometimes people pronounce other’s names incorrectly and make it short as per their convenience.

If you haven’t got the name correctly, request that person to spell it out for you. Then say the name correctly and use it in the conversation to remember it.

7. "I’m doing fine!" When you are meeting someone for the first time your aim is to make an excellent impression. Say “ I’m good, I’m great, excellent fantastic, awesome, and reflect it in your tone and expressions. If you say I”m fine you are making yourself being counted in the list of all those people who seem “fine” but are not “ extraordinary”. So, make your first impressions awesome by saying so!

Watch this video if you want to understand better:

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