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7 tricks to look great in all your pictures

I’m sure you know what smartphones are actually used for? Is it for Calling? Nah! that’s as rare as you eating pizzas daily(for some it may be for real) the correct answer is that they are used for clicking pictures!! Ok, you might think the question was lame, you are smart enough to say ‘ clicking pitures’ but the REAL question is ‘How to click good pictures using our phone?’

So, it’s imperative that you must know how to look good in all your pictures when you are using your phone or someone else’s phone.

Here are seven quick tips for clicking good pictures.

  1. Looking into the camera lens: When you look at the camera, people looking at your picture feel that you are looking at them. That, my dear friend build a connection with your audience. For the God’s sake don’t look at yourself, I know you can’t take your eyes off your beautiful face but please don’t do that!

  2. Roll up your sleeves to look taller: Showing a little bit of skin creates an illusion of a taller body and you look smashing and dashing. Just roll up your sleeve and let the magic happen!

  3. Add accessories or props: Show off your accessories in a cool way. You can use your watch or a bag as accessories in the picture. In case you don’t have it at hand, you can use a prop, say a coffee mug, pen, etc. A leather strap watch can be a great accessory as well for a picture.

  4. Use a tripod stand: You want to get your picture clicked but have no one around to do it for you? You can have a friend. No, not that friend who posts the picture where she’s looking great and you like a wretch! lol, we all have such friends, but I’m talking about a Tripod Stand. A tripod stand comes in handy. Buy a stand that comes along with remote control. Fix your smartphone onto the tripod stand and enjoy clicking mesmerizing pictures of yourself. Stands that can be raised up to 5 feet are the best. You can click pictures from all angles. Don’t forget to slip it in your bag when traveling!

  5. Use soft lights or natural daylight: Commercial establishments like shopping malls have lightings that are best for getting the finest pictures clicked. That doesn’t mean you’d be visiting your nearest mall every time for getting good pictures. A great alternative is a sunlight. But you need to be a bit cautious in this case as sometimes it can be too harsh for a good photo. To add to your misery, even shadows, dark circles, spots and scars can be blatantly visible in the picture. Also, avoid overhead lights or candle lights as they cast shadows on your face as well. It can make you look nothing less than Annabelle’s first cousin. So, click pictures during the daytime but be in a shaded place where you wouldn’t get harsh light on your face.

  6. Elevate your camera & click the best profile: Look at a mirror and identify which profile of yours make you look better, left or right? If like most people you’ve lived your life under the impression that both the sides of your face are identical then I’m sorry to break this to you, they aren’t. Now that you know this, identify your best profile. Start by clicking a dozen pictures and see that which profile (left or right) makes you look better. Once, you’ve figured it out, you’ll be definitely getting better pictures of yourself. (Bonus tip: Don’t forget to flip your hair on either side to have your best click.)

  7. Create angles: Are you one of those who get their pictures clicked by keeping your hands by your side? Don’t stand like that unless your national anthem being played in the background. Use your hands and legs for creating different body postures. Think about those seductive models….wait don’t go beyond this point. Think about how they create angles by keeping their hands on the hips. Don’t forget to roll back your shoulders and keep them straight. Don’t slouch and most importantly, do add that precious smile of yours. Here are some pictures for you to get an idea.

  8. Bonus tip -Backgrounds: You can have a something in your background that has the same color as that of your outfit so it may resonates with your outfit. Be cautious of not making the entire background of the same color. It has to be a small element of it (yellow flowers in a vase with a white background and you wearing a yellow headband would resonate well) . Also, wooden and white backgrounds look great!

These were 7 simple tips to help you in clicking better pictures of yourself. It indeed takes time to identify which postures, profile, colors, angles, expressions, etc. suit you but once, you have figured out this stuff, you can make your pictures more interesting and impactful.

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