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How to pick Frames as per your Face-shape?

“Which frame do you think would suit me?” If I was to rate a list of questions that I often come across, this would be the second in line, first being “what hairstyle would you suggest me to have?” As an Image Consultant, my job is to help people build up their confidence by enhancing their outer and inner Image.

Whether it is your spectacle or sunglasses, choosing the right pair is indeed crucial to your overall looks.

You may refer to my earlier article where I’ve explained in length the process of analyzing your Face shape. Once you know that you’ll be able to choose both hairstyles and frames for yourself.

  1. For oval faces- Just like hairstyle, most frames look good on you!

The only thing you need to avoid is anything that is too oversized

Best looks can be created by Square, rectangular and wayfarer glasses that add structure to a smooth face

2. Oblong face: Go can go for oversized frames with a structure to it.

Big square/ rectangular and browline glasses can be pulled off extremely well by an Oblong face

3. Square face: Round frames create a balance your look by adding softness to the sharp jawline that you have.

You may wear complete round or horizontal oval. Cat-eye is another good option with soft design edges.

Avoid rectangular frames as it exaggerates the angle in your face, Also frames that are too wide makes your face look way larger than it is.

4. Round face: Because your face has smooth edges, your aim is to bring some structure to it in order to balance it out.

The best frames for this shape are squares and rectangles……and you avoid the round ones….that’s right!

5. Heart face- If you are a heart, you want to create more volume towards the lower part of your face because is the widest part of your face is your forehead and you don’t want to draw attention to it.

Aviators look incredibly well on heart-shaped faces, both in case of sunglasses and spectacles. Other frames are rectangular and round ones.

Avoid Wayfarer, browline, and square

6. Diamond face- A diamond face shape as by now you know is angular so it’s good to have frames that are rounder.

Oval, round, and Cat eye work really well. Try to avoid frames that are structured like browline, rectangle, and wayfarer

Let me know if this was helpful.

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