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Closet Key-20

Clothes are undoubtedly an essential part of your personality. What and how you wear makes all the difference!

The regular ones, which we pull out from our closet are the core of your wardrobe. This forms only 20% of your entire collection. Rest consists of clothes that you either wear on special occasions or you haven’t worn them once, or they don’t fit you well, or you have been neglecting them or you want to discard them but you don’t feel like or you hate wearing them at all.

Unbelievable yet true, your closet that is piled up with clothes may make you content, psychologically, but the fact is that you are unable to fully use what you have.

Apparently, this 20% is what you require 80% of the time and I call this coset key-20. Whether you are a professional, a student or a homemaker this principal’s applicability can very well be seen in your closet. Go now and peep once! what did you discover? Alright! Now that you know the foundation of your wardrobe is this precious 20%, it’s imperative for you to know further if these set of clothes look best on you.

Here are a few tips on how to ensure that you look your best in your closet key-20.

The first step is to check if you have the must-haves:

  • a pair of skinny jeans

  • a simple black knee-length

  • pencil skirt

  • a crisp white button-down shirt

  • a navy blue/black trouser

  • a black and white striped round neck t-shirt

  • a denim jacket

  • a formal black jacket/blazer

The second step is to select the right color tops beside the above neutrals. Go through color analysis and understand your season. If that’s difficult I’m here to solve your problem. E-mail me a two-three picture of yours clicked in daylight wearing a white top and I’ll suggest you your ‘wow colors’.

The third step is to spice up your look with the right kind of accessories.

  • black pumps

  • nude flats

  • a colorful scarf

  • faux or real diamond ear-studs

  • smart sunglasses

  • a neutral color bag

…..and there you go! You are all set to look gorgeous 80% of your time with your 20% wardrobe-essentials. Save your time and money by not buying stuff that lies untouched in your closet. Get a wardrobe evaluation done…!

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