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It's time for a (pant) Break!

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

You must have noticed some men wearing too long or too short pants. And next what cropped up in your mind is “Did he borrow it from someone or is it his?” This mean question may further your query as to why couldn’t he wear the right length of pants?

Some men don’t bother what they are throwing on themselves but those who do care must read this article to know one of the chief rules of ‘Dressing up’ elegantly. The appropriate length of the trousers is defined by a ‘Break’. I won’t leave you thinking about what a ‘Break’ is. So, here’s the answer. It’s the ridge or the crease in a pant’s leg. The crease is what you observe right above the ankle but quite below the calf. There are four different styles of ‘Breaks’ in particular, each of which speaks of a different style.

1.No Break Style is the most fashion forward and aggressive. The pant leg ends at your ankle. Don’t forget to taper the legs of the pants else they might appear very short. This means that the cuffs should be hemmed in a way that the end just touches the ankle. It wouldn’t be wise to wear Flat-front pants with this style.

Who should wear it: Shorter or skinnier men, or confident male fashionista.

2. Slight Break Style: The slight break is a more contemporary and less fad style. This works well without the cuffs. The original hemline should be tapered so that the back is angled a little longer than the front. This way the front of the trousers would just kiss the tip of the shoe.

Who should wear it: Men who have a definitive style, and want to look mature yet style-smart.

3. Medium Break Style: This is a more conservative style than the first two. The length of the pant is moderate, and a bit longer than the ‘Slight Break’.

Who should wear it: Conservative businessman, or someone who doesn’t want people to draw much attention to his style choices. It’s also good for those who’ve developed some ‘Real estate’ (some extra pounds!) around the waist. Works well for very tall men with long legs.

4. Full Break Style: This is an archaic style, typically preferred by older men. This style has the longest pant length. Pants are supposed to be wider in this case.

Who should wear: It’s good for heavier set men (who have a lot of ‘real estate’ around their torso), or older men with a vintage style.

Having any of the above is a matter of personal choice, however, be sure that what you wear makes you feel comfortable and confident. Every individual is unique and therefore I emphasize on creating your own Personal Style to win any situation. Go gentlemen get a (pant) break!

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