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Stop losing respect| 9 habits that make people respect you less

Respect according to oxford dictionary means- polite behaviour towards or care for somebody/something that you think is important.

And you’d agree that sometimes despite your good intentions, people misunderstand you and you start losing your importance and RESPECT in their eyes.

There are a few habits that we often don’t realise can affect the way people look at us. Wondering why you people who loved and respected you stopped doing that? Read the whole article till the end so that you know what are things that you have to avoid. I hope being aware of these 9 habits will help you understand what’s making you lose respect in others’ eyes.

1. Over promising-

Someone wise said, “Don’t promise when you’re happy”. So, think before you make any commitment and ensure that you do stick to it. Some people are in the habit of making promises but not fulfilling them. Whether it’s arriving or time or completing an assignment-they are never able to fulfil those promises.

2. Pushing sales-

People buy when they want to. If they are not convinced don’t push it. Incessant calls to prospective buyers tend to tarnish your image. Thrusting it on friends is even worse because that way you tend to lose them besides your respect.

3. Being Insensitive-

Being kind in your behaviour goes a long way. With humility, you can win the most stone-hearted. Ask yourself- Do you show kindness towards people who are less fortunate? Do you show love to animals even if they are stray? Be conscious of how you respond in situations. People watch and judge all the time. One mistake and your respect will be gone.

Recently there was an incident with a pregnant elephant much in the news. Some men in Kerala(Southern India) fed a pregnant elephant with firecrackers that were stuffed inside a fruit. It was agonising to know further that the baby and the carrying mother lost their lives. No matter how much people show themselves as respectable in society if they cannot have humanity in them, they don’t deserve respect…at all!

4. You are allowing others to cut you off-

When you are speaking people often interrupt. You find it annoying but you remain quiet. You are unable to voice your opinion and people consider you dumb for not expressing yourself well. I would ask you to be assertive in such situations. Take a stand. Support what you think is right but also have the courage to say it out when there is a difference in opinion. Conversations are meant to be two-way communication. So, speak up!

5. You interrupt others a lot-

Interestingly, if you are one of those who frequently interrupt others you too have a high chance of losing respect. Keep a balanced conversation. Listening helps build trust and respect.

6. Thrusting your opinion on others-

Everyone thinks differently. It is a wrong expectation to force people to accept your views only. Negating other’s views all the time and keeping your decisions supreme is the only going to make people angry, annoyed, or distant from you.

7. Being a Prevaricator

Lies can’t be held for long. Be cautious of this trait as it automatically drops people’s respect towards you. Prevaricators as those who lie repeatedly, over and over again. They are vague about the truth as they provide evasive answers. Does that help them? Yes, maybe once or twice but people gradually understand that they are not reliable and so they stop respecting them. Not only do they lose respect but also TRUST, and thus the relationship.

8. Bragging about yourself-

How would you feel if you congratulated a friend for his a new Ferrari and s/he started bragging about how wealthy s/he is? Annoying, right? No one asked for that information.

People admire those who are humble and polite in their demeanour. Remember, taking pride in talking about your achievements os good but be sure not to overdo it.

9. Thinking of personal gains in a relationship-

Whether it is professional or personal, relationships are based on mutual considerations and connect. Finding personal gain in relationships makes you lose respect. Mutual trust and admiration is the key to any successful relationship. People who look for personal benefits every time as seen as selfish and unworthy of respect.

I hope this article will be helpful. Do let me know in the comments if you realised you or someone known has any of the above habits.

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