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10 common dressing mistakes men make

Even the most expensive clothes and accessories sometimes fail to adorn you if the following details aren't taken care of. Watch out for the 10 very commonly made mistakes that you make while dressing up as a gentleman.

1) Ill-fit :

Picture curtesy:

Always remember the quality of the suit is less important than the fit. Of course, if you can afford to get a high-quality, designer suit, go for that. But even an Armani suit will make you look ridiculous if it doesn’t fit you properly. If you don’t have big bucks to spend, then you should at least make sure you find a skilled tailor to make that mid-level suit fit you like a glove. Note: shoulders shouldn’t be too wide and neither should too much space be inside. It should look just perfect on you!

2) Pants too long: Don’t wear baggy and long pants that touch the ground!

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Many guys feel comfortable with a “no break” hem, where the pant leg is at the ankle. This style looks modern and stylish…..very Italian! Another style, a bit contemporary, is the ‘Slight Break’. The conservative style is a Medium break. A conservative business style is ‘Half break’. And for those who don’t want a tapered or slim trouser and prefer a vintage style prefer ‘Full Break’ in pants. Read my other article It’s time for a (pant) break! to know what suits you the best.

3)Wrinkled shirt:

It looks messy, unprofessional and communicates that you don’t care. In the case of suits, this situation can be easily avoided if you get regular dry cleaning and hang up your suits when you take them off. Note: You might even want to invest in a home steamer if you hate ironing.

4) Belt color doesn’t match the shoes: I always mention this one. Belts should match your shoes, in color and finish.

5)Clashing socks: Go completely conservative when meeting a client or going for a job interview. Match socks with shoes (like black socks with black shoes & brown socks with brown shoes).

However, If you want to flaunt an interesting style match your socks with the color of the pant, not your shoes. You can wear different colors and designs too with similar color shoelaces for a metropolitan dapper look.

6) The wrong length of tie- The tip of the tie should end just above your belt buckle, nowhere else…ever.

7)Stains: Don’t let stains tarnish your image. Keep your clothes immaculate, especially if it’s white or a light color attire.

8) Backpack with a suit: It’s a No-No. Carrying a school boy’s bag makes you look like an amateur.

Invest in a leather briefcase or satchel. It is classic but stylish and you’ll be set for life.

9) Fastening the bottom button: The traditional way to button a two-button coat/blazer/jacket is to fasten the top button and leave the lower undone. The top button on these coats should ALWAYS be buttoned when standing. When you’re seated, definitely unbutton. On the other hand, a three-piece suit with the vest buttoned and the jacket open can exude nonchalance that looks pretty boss!

10) Improper grooming: Unclipped nails, odorous of breath/perspiration, and unkempt hair all are red-checks. Taking care of personal hygiene is a matter of undisputed importance.

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