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9 fascinating hues from NY Fashion Week -Fall/Winter 2018–19

I bring you 9 trendiest colors straight from NewYork Fashion Week for this year’s Fall/Winter season. Being at Virginia Kendall Ledges last week was so much fun. I thoroughly enjoyed the picturesque fall colors alongside Kendall Lake. The withering yellow and red leaves, the almond brown fallen leaves beneath the clear heavenly azure sheet. Clouds like cotton balls which made the view even more delightful.

In the coming months, I’ll be witnessing loads of snow, christmasy decorations, sparkling birch, spruce, and fir everywhere! It’s interesting to know that what we wear should complement what’s around us. This not only gets you in a festive mood but also is harmonious with nature’s own beauty which lights up the radiance in you. We’ll start with the fall hues followed by the winter colors. You may check out the outfits that I’ve carefully selected for you. Don’t forget to read the styling tips.

1. Sapphire yellow: The vibrant yellow is quite in this season. A cool hooded sweatshirt that is just right for this season. Style tip: This color will provide a glowing effect to your skin as most Indian skin undertone is medium. I personally love this one! Hooded sapphire yellow sweatshirt:

2. Whiskey brown: a warm, enveloping hue, just like the famous liquor. And if you’re not a great fan of liquors then the dried fallen leaves may remind you well of this hue. I’m wearing an aminal print Ann Taylor sweater.  A complete dress with animal print or teaming up a white shirt and black bottom/skirt with animal print boots make you a stunning beauty. This one’s a must have…trust me Scotch & Soda Animal Print & flare dress: Trendyol Animal print- length boots: Brown leather biker Jacket:

3. Quetzal Green: Quetzal is a bird well, found in South America known for its colorful plumage. The magnificent green feathers of this bird also remind you of Christmas pine trees. Style Tip: Pull up sleeves to create an illusion of a taller body. Keep the jacket half/full open if you have a shorter neck. Levis Quetzal green sweatshirt:

4. Lavender: also called “lilac”, it’s a pastel tone that can add character to a statement or intricate outfit. The below pullover has ribbed hems. It has soft sequin detail and is knitted acrylic fabric.

Style Tip: It’s delicate, feminine character suits girls who have a similar effeminate style. Also, keep in mind, lighter colors give a fuller body effect.

Lavender sequin pullover:

5. Tofu:It’s a creamy white. I’m wearing a tweed textured blazer with beige buttons on it. This hue may be used for formal occasions.

6. Cherry Red: This one’s my favorite ever since I was a kid. This bold red is unlike blood red which too bright. Medium depth of this color makes your skin look youthful. I’m wearing a Banana Republic button-down plaid shirt alike Levis plaid boyfriend shirt. These are extremely smart and comfortable to wear.  Style Tip: Smaller plaid pattern gives the illusion of a slimmer body, whereas bigger patterns the opposite. Red and Black plaid shirt:

7. Marble gray: it’s the color perfect from am to pm, from office suit to a cocktail dress. Style Tip- Suitable for any body shape/ skin undertone type. You may want to keep a monotone rather than mixing it with too many colors. Team it up with white shoes/accessories to make it look classy. Though I couldn’t find the exact Ralph Lauren dress that I’m wearing below as I bought it three years ago …..this Marble grey dress is quite close to it:

8. Sargasso Seas: This boundless and fathomless blue is more like Navy blue. I’ve combined a crisp Banana Republic white button-down shirt with a pair of Sargasso seas trousers with small polka dots on it, which makes me look slimmer. ‘Ready for a presentation’ look indeed!

Style tip: Good for girls who want to make their thighs look slimmer. Sargasso has a deep shade that helps you achieve it.

9. Silver: We know Christmas is around and that’s what makes this color special. This color is shiny and with a mirrored effect. You may wear silver shoes/stilletoes with a monotone outfit or simply buy this pricey yet exclusive silver jacket from Levis. The look is very very sexy!

Style tip Apt for sleek bodies. Combine it with black or teal

Silver Levis Jacket-

That’s all for now…………………..

Hope you enjoyed the article and also the carefully selected, most stylish outfits and colors of the season.  Let me know what’s your favorite color in this season.

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