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Is Casual Clothing changing your psyche?

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

You go to your friend’s office, see people with cool clothes, you admire their culture that “sans-formality.” It’s completely understandable why you feel so. After all, they’re not wearing uncomfortable formal suits, strangulating ties, unhandy shoelaces and so on, right?

As humans, we tend to believe that grass is greener on the other side. Which is why I thought it would useful for you to know that even you have a springy turf on your side, with flowers blooming all over. The imagery implies that you have access to variety in presenting your Image. Imagine yourself wearing only T-shirts and jeans all the time, on all occasions, right from the age of 6 till 60. What if everyone did the same? Do you like the idea? Well! Every color, outfit, design, pattern and even the fit speaks a lot about who you are, what you are feeling at that moment, and what you want people to perceive about you.

Though we get attracted to wearing casual clothes we fail to understand that appearance bears significant psychological effects besides the apparent physiological ones. Continuing to wear casual clothing has a serious side effect on the way you portray your visual and self-image. In case of formal settings where you’re expected to dress up formally if you turn up in ‘free and easy’ outfits, you will be perceived as a person with a low interest in the code of formality being observed there. Gradually, you will start feeling uncomfortable and back away to avoid situations like these. This might even limit your association with people who follow and appreciate the tradition of dressier appearance. You might put the blame on such people that they judge you and misinterpret what you say but the truth lies in the fact that what you say must coincide with your visual image as well. A person talking to her client about presentability, creativity or discipline cannot afford to have her appearance contrasting to the subject.

The very old adage — Don’t judge a book by its cover is easier said than done. It’s sad but true that people do judge you by your cover. Presenting yourself professionally changes that the way people will perceive you: and even the way you perceive yourself. Plus, that doesn’t stop you from wearing sporty stuff on casual days when you’re hanging out with friends. Having different outfits for different occasions is the key to showing all the facets of your personality. Don’t put blinkers that block your peripheral view. Explore your potential through thoughtful, creative choices to create your wardrobe.

It was in the year 2014 that I realized one day when I opened my closet that most of my clothes comprised of traditional Kurtis(mostly red and green in color), a couple of jeans and tops. There was no formal wear! I decided to change the way I dressed. Soon, I started investing in branded blazers, neutral color trousers, formal dresses and shoes, luxury watches, and even statement jewelry: this changed my world. People recognize you for your work and take you more seriously if it shows in your dressing(though some might envy you as well). And it happened with me too when I took myself seriously. With people appreciating, your confidence spirals up which further pumps up your productivity.

Edith Head, an American costume designer who won eight Academy Awards for Best Costume Design once said, “You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.” By which she meant that you can easily win any situation if you dress up appropriately. Clothes not only affect the way others think about you and what you think about yourself but also what you want to achieve.

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