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Live in style with 'Living Coral'

Live in style with ‘Living Coral’

Orange is one of the most underrated colors in the color spectrum. If I ask you to open your wardrobe and see how many pieces of orange outfits you have, you’d probably come with an answer which wouldn't be as strong as the color itself. Pantone, this year has a solution to this color prejudice (!)(inside your closet I mean) since ‘LIVING CORAL’ has been crowned as ‘The Color of the Year’.

According to the U.S. based corporation, Pantone which is best known for its Pantone Matching System (PMS), “The Living Coral emits the desired, familiar, energizing aspects of color found in nature. In its glorious, yet unfortunately more elusive, display beneath the sea, this vivifying and effervescent color mesmerizes the eye and mind. Lying at the center of our naturally vivid and chromatic ecosystem, living coral is evocative of how coral reefs provide shelter to a diverse kaleidoscope of color”.

Living Coral represents the fusion of modern life. It’s thought to be a nurturing color that is a part of the depths of natural ambiance and is also present in abundance in our present digital world.

About the Color- Living coral can be treated as a substitute for Orange. The scintillating color is a concoction of three major colors- Orange, gold, and white. Where on one side Orange brings vividness, white softens its intensity, and the golden undertone adds a subtle effulgence to it. Though the percentage of brightness and muteness is a matter of choice when you think of making it a part of your wardrobe family, Living Coral undeniably makes you look lively and classy at the same time. It is ideal to carry a fresh summery vibe, during the day or after the sunset.

Look Corally luxe this Summer -

Besides going monotone you may also team it up tops with white bottoms. If your aim is to look classy, white is the best choice for you. Another color that can be combined with Coral is Light Gray.

2. Coral with prints is apt for summers. The tropical prints give the best look when they are in peachy or raspberry pink, aqua blue, turquoise, lemon yellow and white. These colors on a light coral background provide a completely refreshing look.

3. Frills, pleats, and ruffles can be worn when you intend to have a grandiose appearance.

4. Avoid heavy embroideries or adding too many colors.

5. Coral works in most luxe fabrics like fluid satins, two-tone silks, taffeta or organza and even fine cotton. Ensure not to bring complexity with regard to color and prints when worn in these fabrics.

6. For a formal look pick grey/white blazer or shrugs to combine with a coral shirt/top. White pumps, white leather watch strap band. Another good option is Navy blue.

Accessories in/with Coral-

If there’s a hitch getting Coral outfits, introduce accessories in your collection. Having a sling bag, clutch, tote, bangles, belt or even footwear(rare to find though!) would be great.

My go-to footwear with Coral is always White stilettoes/pumps. A pearl necklace exuberates elegance when worn on coral outfits. Belts in white color would break the monoton(y!)e, and picture it pep.

Gold Jewelry is what the contemporary brides might want to wear with her Coral bridal ensemble.

Coral blush!

Coral works best for most Indian and South Americans as they have Warm skin tones with golden undertones. Apparently, all warm colors like Red, Orange, Coral, yellow complement their skin.

Wear a matte coral lip-color during the day and finish off with a glossy nude for the evening. Balance bright coral lips with the deepest mascara and natural cheek highlighter. In case of blush, just a soft sweep is good enough as you don’t want to make it look unnatural. Go for a bold wash of the color on the eyelids or for a hint of the color either on the outer or inner corners of the eyes. You may nail the overall Coral look either with a white nail-color or even coral itself(but avoid nail-art)

Yes! Coral is for Men as well

Layering in Coral can be done by men. A coral linen blazer or shirt over a white button-up or a t-shirt combined with white sneakers allows you to have a confident, approachable image.

A Tie, Pocket square, and Socks in coral would look best against a gray, slate, pewter or navy blue suit.

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Living Coral is certainly a hot pick for this summer. It envelopes all the characteristics of a modish, graceful, and upbeat color, and wearing it would make you feel positive and spirited.

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