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Men beyond Masculinity

If you thought Men were only were using a handful of things for their beauty upkeep, allow me to through some light on the latest developments metrosexual men are following as these fellows move beyond fairness creams, shaving essentials, and deodorants:

1. Tall Dark and handsome- When it comes to darkness, no man wants to get sun-tanned in a way that watches and sunglasses turn them into a dappled animal.

Sunburn is no joke and men do take it seriously these days. Where on one hand, Sunscreen is an indispensable article in their collection of cosmetic items, many ultramodern men prefer to accessorize themselves with hats like Fedora, Homburg, and porkpie.

2. Supple skin- Did you know South Korea spend more on skincare per person than men anywhere else in the world? There are concealers, tinted moisturizers, toners, and emulsions exclusively for Korean men bringing a new makeup revolution. However, in the past five years, men across the globe have become more mindful of maintaining their charm (though not with makeup!) by having healthier skin using Sheet Masks, glow masks, and serums.

3. Hairy-beary- Not anymore. A survey revealed that more than 54% of women found men with hair on underarm, nose, ears and even chest to be repulsive. Fashionable men seem to take this seriously. Whether at the gym or workplace, they ensure no unpleasantness peeps out of their outfit. Going to a salon definitely helps. however, having an electronic shaving device is always a boon. Full body wax is another option men have adopted over the years.

4. No pain no gain- When we talk of equality, men are ready to experience the pain of getting their eyebrows plucked. Having a defined brow shape isn’t something that only women want. Even men don’t want that Pampas growing on their faces. It needs to be pruned. Though some men prefer waxing over plucking as its quicker, having tweezers as one of your grooming tools is necessary(if your eyebrows need it!).

5. ‘A Man without a beard is like a lion without mane’- Beard is associated with manliness and maturity in men. Not only does it add weight to your personality but also a tinge of sophistication, especially if it’s shaped and well maintained. Beard oils and mustache wax has been increasing bought by men across the globe.

6. Aquaman! - Whether they have the machismo of the Aquaman or not they certainly appreciate being hydrated for the sake of having healthier glowing skin. The undeniable advantages of this salubrious element are well understood by men now.

7. Embracing maturity- Getting grey? That’s not how men take aging these days. It’s the salt and pepper look! It’s remarkable how men have been gracefully embraced their maturity. More men these days are likely to eschew hair color and go grey on the head which conveys a sense of respect towards natural beauty.

Most attractive of all- George Clooney’s salt and pepper hair

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