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Winners DO QUIT.

I started working quite early. I was in the second year of graduation when “summer jobs” got into my brain. These things happen when your friends are as crazy as you are. And so, along with them, I decided to appear for a walk-in interview in a Commercial Bank. Though it was light-hearted till we finished the interview, however, when we got the “summer job” we were seen putting our hearts into it. Why wouldn’t we?! After all, it was our very first one. We used to reach early around 8:30 in the morning and leave at 8 in the evening. Over-enthusiastic, right? Well! Yes, we were fresh eager beavers.

By the time we finished college, we were offered to continue with our respective jobs. It was no longer a temporary job. My friend left after some time. She thought it had become too boring. I, on the other hand, still enjoyed my work. Besides that, I didn’t want to leave my home town else my mother would have been alone. Quitting wasn’t easy for me. Having been studied in a Catholic school and raised up by a strong-willed single mother, I’ve been taught to be persistent. My sister, however, was of the opinion that I should be studying further (like her in a bigger city) rather than working small. I completed my Post Graduation in Business Administration on her advise.

Soon, with the previous job’s recommendation, I got another red carpet thrown before me- a dream job for a beginner like me- to work in One of the biggest Media Conglomerates in India, Bennett Colemen, and Co. Ltd. I was offered an extremely handsome package, with good perks, free resort/guest house available for vacations, etc. Life was at its best! Earning good money was luring. Working in a corporate brought me everything I wanted and even those that I didn’t want-Politics, no time for self, friends, and family, poor health, stress..phew!

The struggle between dissatisfaction in life and existing lifestyle was taxing. And then my sister, yet again made a statement that reverberated in my mind and soul. “Focusing on money alone is thinking short term. Toil towards self actualisation”. She was right. Honestly, I did feel a need to enhance my knowledge, my personality, my output to the society and also do something that I love (not just “like”).

In the words of Tim John, “Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money but you cannot get more time”. I decided to have something more precious for myself- and it was Time. The decision to QUIT my job wasn’t that quick. I took five years to gather the courage to take this step. My resignation was disapproved by my boss twice. I was even told to be complacent as starting another career after dedicating many years to my the-then job would be foolishness. But I was determined this time. I was persistent to move on to something that will bring me wealth and happiness, both.

In the meanwhile, I went to the USA to study and graduate in Image Consulting. I quit my hometown, moved to another place, traveled alone making new friends. I’d turned a new leaf. I was more confident. I set up my own Image Consulting firm operating from India and the USA. I enjoy interacting with my clients, conducting workshops for people, empowering them with a knowledge that can give their lives a 180-degree turn. I get time to read the books that were untouched for so many years. I write on different topics expressing myself in flowery words…. I even learned swimming. Isn’t that great?!

I am lucky to have some special people in my life who encouraged me to QUIT before it was too late. I’m still working towards my goal, and there are miles to go before I sleep. However, I must tell you TWO things, my friends, one, don’t let yourself be drowned into something you don’t love. If you love writing, write one article daily, no matter how short it is. If you love dancing, join a dance school, take time out for it. Work part time if you don’t have enough money yet you want to pursue higher education. Two, Quitting isn’t easy but it is impossible. It’s not necessarily about you working somewhere. It can be quitting alcohol, smoking, or you being glued to social media or TV.…but if it is for something(or someone) YOU LOVE, have the courage to do it!

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